30 Aug 2019
Make your home beautiful with these 10 types of wood

10 Wood Types to make your Home Interiors more Beautiful

What can be more beautiful than Wood when you know the strength of Pine tree with strong Christmas Roots or the imported Brazilian cherry and something as simple as framed artwork in reclaimed lumber used as a natural element of a wooden floor or china cabinet for your home interiors? Choosing the correct wood can be tricky when you are on your mission of Residential Interior Design because of the various options available in market. However, peep an eye into these 10 wood categories take your room from bland and expected to pieces of art:

1. Oak Wood

The Oak tree reminds us of those childhood memories when this tree was used as a sun blocking and shade standing strong in our yards.  Even today! Having this wood into our dining room as table and chairs set as eclectic beauty in the dining area. Also, when you sip wine and love its flavor it is the hand of this oak framed barrel to age your wine and the cork of the wine bottle originated from the oak bark.

2. Cedar Wood

You simply can acquaint yourself with this wood furnishing great closets and chest materials. This wood is also perfect for odour destroying causes. You’ll be surprised to know that Cedar Wood is also used for fencing, house structuring, shingles, guitars, even shipbuilding.

3. Padauk Wood

This wood originates from the Pterocaprus species in Asia or Africa and is known as the hardwood with its quality of being heavy and dense. So, if you are a music lover you shall know that this wood is used in musical instruments and carvings and most commonly the intricacies of furniture with it being stronger than Oak Wood, so you can rely on its durability.

4. Teak Wood

It is time to bring the splendor and majesty of the tropics home with the national tree of the Philippines by making into doors, window frames and both indoor and outdoor furniture. 

5. Walnut Wood

You must have tasted the sweet seeds of the walnut tree and now it’s time for some more of Walnut tree. The floor beneath your feet, the rocking chair and a piano are the other sweet giving of this Walnut tree which will surprise you with grace. So, now you can close your eyes and ground your kitchen flooring with Walnut Wood.

6. Alder Wood

Ever imagined this hardwood had elasticity! This wood is widely used for furniture and other interior purposes and is pretty affordable after the Walnut Wood. It has the quality of being manipulated easily by sanding and staining to create a one of a kind surface and hue, makes it a hot product in the market.

7. Purple Heart Wood

From South Africa to hitting the worldwide market with its elegant shiny, straight grain patterned texture, this wood fabricates high quality products. Its unique quality of bending and being flexible takes away the heart of most Interior Design Experts to trust it. You can also say no to termites and fungus which wood usually catches if not treated properly because this wood has good resistivity power. So, if you are looking for a richer look with perfect Hue, is its deep and authentic purple colour will do exactly what you are looking for.

8. Lyptus Wood

Just like exotic things excite and attract us, it is sure that for us to have a naturally salmon hued wood that like us gets a little darker when spending time under UV rays is something rare and unique to have in your interiors. Fabricate amazing wide paneled floor as well as cabinetry with the Lyptus wood with elegant doors, frames, and crown molding.

9. Maple Wood

Have a wood worth emulating in your interiors like baseball bats or bowling pins decorating the area from floors to furniture, to paneled walls. All of it is possible with this Maple Wood when not being groomed as bonsai Maple.

10. Poplar Wood

Talking about Science, this tree has a unique fact of having its DNA decoded. This DNA holds importance because the plywood that frames our four walls to perfection or the paper, matches, chopstick is all because of the Poplar Wood. Commence the countdown now as you have discovered the amazing facts about using different types of wood for Residential Interior Design and create your own art story with Wood.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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