12 Oct 2019
Make a living room luxurious with these 7 ways

7 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious

The living room is the epicenter of a house. We all want it to look as good as
possible and be comfortable at the same. While you can always opt for luxury
interior designers here are some ways to make your living room look
luxurious with or without them:


1. Light it up

Like any other room in your house, a living room should be well-lit. Having large
windows that let in lots of natural light and a few well-placed lamps create an
atmosphere of warmth. You can even experiment with wall, ceiling, floor and
table lamps to create the desired effect.


2. Have a focus point

Be it a wall, bookcase, chandelier, sofas or art, have one piece that draws attention
to itself in the living room. Luxury designers recommend a wall made of
special material (like quartz) or a large piece of art. These pieces give
character to the room.


3. Pick a base palette

When going for luxury, choose colors that complement each other instead of clashing
and aren’t too loud. Go for two or three base colors that run throughout the
room. Luxury interior designs usually have shades of grey, brown, blue or


4. Pick a highlighter

Once you’ve selected the base palette, you can choose a color that comes out on
certain pieces and shines through the base palette. It can splash of pink or
waves of blue or anything you’d like to highlight specifically.


5. Pick thoughtful textiles

Pick textiles like you would pick bed linen. You can choose to go with a single
vintage piece, like a Turkish carpet or decorate the place with pillows and
throws. The important thing is to focus on quality and pick local or handmade,
otherwise, the room can just end up looking random and cheap.


6. Chandelier

Yes, we’ve said this before, but chandeliers do draw a lot of attention. They are
glamorous and give an instant feel of lavishness. Complement the chandelier
with a refined look below.


7. Have a heritage piece

Incorporating a heritage piece adds a sense of richness and old-world charm. Even if you
don’t own such pieces, you can paint windowsills or fireplaces with different
shades of deep browns or just use polished wood to add the feeling of heritage.

This list can be endless with each of your understanding of luxury. But if you follow these tips and consult a luxury interior designer you can’t go wrong with creating your won haven of a living room.

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