13 Mar 2020
9 Cool interior design trends for the summer.

9 Cool Interior Design Trends for this Summer!

We are officially into summer 2020. Happy and natural vibes all around, we are sure you have got out your summer wardrobe all set! But summer is also a time to spend some relaxing time indoors around the coziness of your own space.

Have you thought of a makeover of your house? Why not infuse the happy summer vibes in the corners of your home, using color palates conducive to the summer season or incorporating summer design trends in traditional interior design?

We take a look at the 9 cool interior design trends for the summer-

Natural Fibers:

There is nothing like using natural fibers in your home décor. It brings out the earthiness and natural vibe all around and is just perfect for the summer season. You can particularly use them for the cushions, sofa and also for the upholstery. It brings out the perfect textures and lighting in the room.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors:

Plants and flowers have a natural way of keeping the house fresh and lively. For e.g., if you are having a verandah you can use home plants in one corner of the same, or you can decorate the shelf design with small miniature house plants.

Whites, Whites, and Whites.

Is there any time where white does not look super classy, and especially during the summers? Using white has many advantages, it is an extremely eye-soothing color, absorbs the heat, and makes the overall interior design look relaxing and pleasing.


Think of interiors and think Boho! This is one trend that simply never goes out of style. Courtesy: its warm and playful vibe so apt for the summer. The Boho style can create a relaxing atmosphere in the room if you just want to sip that juice on that hot summer afternoon. You can also add Moroccan style cushions on your sofa or on your chair for a dash of color. For a playful vibe, you can also use them in the partition interior design between the living rooms.

Making use of Brass and Bronze-

Brass and Bronze are your go-to materials to make the interiors look stylish, classy and sophisticated all at the same time. You can use brass and copper pots in the living room if you have use whites and that is your main color. Bronzed frames on white walls look extremely stunning and make for a real-wow element in your room.

The Subdued color palate-

Subdued colors need not necessarily be boring and dull. However, there is a tip: Use them in your bedrooms for a more breathe easy effect rather than in your living rooms. Greys, pinks, and blues are just perfect to bring out that easy feel after a hectic summer day. Not only they look beautiful, but they can also make your room feel cozy and relaxing.

Using gender-neutral colors for Furniture-

If your main theme is white especially in the living room, then it is a good idea to use blue, yellows, browns for your furniture to add a dash of playful fun. It will bring out the summer merry and there will not be an overdose of only white. It will also bring out the contemporary trait for your living room.

Citrus Splash-

We all eat citrus fruits in the summers, right? Why not use this citrus splash in your interiors? Go for nice wallpaper with summer hues such as tangy oranges, yellows, and lime greens. You can also use colorful chairs for your dining table, (to make the otherwise boring kitchen look little cheerful) but make sure that the table is of a pastel and one shade.

Pro tip-Include the citrus colors only in parts and in just the right places.

Natural fiber pendant lamps-

You can indulge in a lot of different lighting techniques in the summers. The Light effect can make your overall room look different and relaxing. You can use pendant lamps made of natural fibers. They are casual fixtures and just right for light to spread in the room.

Are you ready to welcome this new season with exciting summer décor ideas? For a perfect summer design makeover, reach out to Wood Works Club. We will perfectly blend the aesthetics into different textures of your choice so that you get a stunning masterpiece.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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