24 Mar 2020
Adapt workspaces to different moods and personalities.

Adapt workspaces to different moods and personalities

Companies that have a far-sighted vision realize that office interior does have a major impact on the moods of the employees. Similarly, different personality types have different interior needs that influence their productivity and creativity.

The growing emphasis on employee health in an organization has renewed attention to aspects of office interiors and how it can improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Today, workspaces are more concerned with the creation of flexible and active offices that encompass a large variety of work zone and are accommodative of five major personality types and gives employees the chance to make changes in the environment based on their needs.

 It is known that the environment has a great impact on the cognitive function of an individual, similarly, the office interior design that they work in also has an impact on the performance of the employees.

There are many different personality types but here we take into account the five personality tests that are based on the MBTI or the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory. These personality types are based on traits of extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

Here are some ways in which the environment has an impact on the moods and personalities of individuals.

  • Extraversion

Extraversion personalities need workspaces in which they are surrounded by people as it helps their creativity thrive and flourish. Adaptable and collaborative workspaces work best for extroverts and help boost their work performance.

Introverts, on the other hand, need calm, quote places that they are familiar with the perform their best. They cannot function in open, mobile and collaborative working environments as they need a quiet place to feel satisfied with the job and also be more productive.

  • Agreeableness

Agreeable employees thrive on their social cues and are very easy to please. These personality types like and encourage social harmony and are also very cooperative. Agreeable personalities in open spaces are more prone to distraction.

These personality types are ambiverts, that is, they fall somewhere between introverts and extroverts and are therefore at ease with social interaction but they also need quiet places to think and rejuvenate.

  • Openness to experience.

People who are more open to experience enjoy change and variety. They flourish in environments that are flexible and help boost their imagination and creativity. These types of personalities are abstract and are inspired by art. Hanging colorful art that is thought-provoking and inspirational is good for open-minded people as they are appreciative of visual cues.

  • Conscientiousness

Employees with his personality type are very easy to please, all they need is a modern office interior that is very conducive to work in to achieve strong performance results. Because at their very core these personalities are perfectionists and are always eager to deliver more than expected, they need to be organized and meticulous.

This personality type best prefers a traditional office design where their workspace is tidy and presentable.

  • Neuroticism

Employees with this personality type often have negative emotions, suffer from anxiety and depression and do not handle stress and pressure well. They are constantly worrying over something which makes their performance suffer. However, moderately neurotic personalities are good at identifying threats and are bound to exceed expectations.

Neurotic personality types need a space that they can function as a quiet place but also interact with others when they feel comfortable. Casual spaces like lounger corners and enclaves work the best for neurotics.

These are some of how little tweaks in design can help boost employee productivity and satisfaction according to their personality types.

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