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24 Mar 2020
Adapt workspaces to different moods and personalities.

Adapt workspaces to different moods and personalities

Companies that have a far-sighted vision realize that office interior does have a major impact on the moods of the employees. Similarly, different personality types have different interior needs that influence their productivity and creativity. The growing emphasis on employee health in an organization has renewed attention to aspects of office interiors and how it […]

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05 Jun 2019
Top Interior Design Trends 2019

The Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

We’re already halfway through 2019 and a lot of fresh design trends have made their way into people’s homes and office spaces. As far as our research has taken us, the prevailing theme seems to be stylish, timeless pieces made with sustainable natural materials. This brings in an entirely fresh take on classically styled interiors. [...]
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