15 Dec 2019
How to pick the right paint to your house?

Choose the Right Paint for Your House with These Tips

Paint may seem like something that blends into the background of a house, but it actually accentuates everything else in the house. It acts like the base whose presence is not noticeable but when it goes wrong, everything else can seem maladjusted. This here is a guide to choosing the right paint for your house- one that you want and one that looks good while complementing everything else.

Choose everything except paint

Unless you have something very specific in mind, avoid choosing paint first. Pick the general tones of the room using furniture, decorative pieces, etc and then choose paint that goes along with it.

Do Your Research

Seek inspiration from a wide range of online sources like Pinterest, Houzz, and Architectural Digest, etc. Choose a bunch of images for every room and then try to compare the elements you’ve added in order to find the right paint color. There are also free color palettes and color wheels available online. Following these will be easy, convenient and low cost at the same time wherein you can be assured that the colors would get along. Even if you have picked a few colors that you definitely want, you can make your own palette.

Bold vs. Neutrals

People are generally quite scared of using bolder colors except in specific areas. But these colors add a sense of stability and solidness to your house. In most cases, bold color like navy blue could complement other elements of the room. You just have to find the right place for it. Neutral colors are risk-free and look good with almost anything. They are also widely available. Different colors represent different things like pink is for romance, black is generally sadness, white is peace and purity, blue is calmness and so on. But these symbols may also vary according to culture. Choose a color according to the emotions you wish to evoke in people.

Using testers

Before finally settling on a color, make sure you get testers of its shades and similar colors so that you can compare what you like best on the wall. Most companies have testers in quantity of 100 to 250 ml. Try these with the furniture in the room. Also, experiment with colors for the ceiling to create a dramatic effect. Using full decorations will give you the closest idea of how the room will look once finished.

Choose the right gloss

Gloss tends to highlight flaws in a wall. If you want to hide those, then gloss as less as possible. But higher the sheen, the more durable the paint. For plastic paints, use very less shine on walls, but be generous on ceilings and low traffic areas of the house. Use oil-based paints in high traffic areas as they are already shiny and last long.

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Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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