07 Mar 2020
Fresh Office Furniture Design Ideas

Fresh Office Furniture Design Ideas

The business world is not stagnant and neither should your office be. Updating the office furniture as per the latest designs has a number of benefits like a fresh change for the employees and a better work environment, health benefits of good furniture by a reduction in absenteeism and a good impression on your clients who insist on visiting your office. Below are some latest ideas for office furniture:

Contemporary Cubicles

Although open office layouts are becoming popular, they may not necessarily be more productive since the employees may still want their personal space. Modern cubicles encourage efficiency and transparency while giving employees their privacy at the same time. This is well demonstrated through glass partitions and movable panels. The aim is to create an office where employees would want to work instead of struggling to work.

Stand up desks

The effect of bad office chairs on employees’ health is well-researched and the results are not pleasant. Stand up desks provide them with an option of standing and working instead of sitting on uncomfortable chairs. Standing even for just a few minutes in an hour can lead to significant improvements in the health of employees. These desks are also available as transformable desks or height adjustable desks which can be adjusted to sit or to stand. Instead of the heavy wooden furniture, these desks are also portable.

An L-Shaped Desk

Apart from looking sleek and modern, this kind of desk would also facilitate extra storage space worth the cabinets located underneath the top. When made of dark-colored wood and placed in an office corner, it becomes a natural presence in the office.

Combining old and new

Even though this is not a new concept, its correct application requires skill. Instead of buying a whole new set of furniture and interiors for your office, modify the old and put it in place with freshly painted walls or redone wallpapers. Old and new can be combined to give a unique retro outlook to the office where the employees feel at ease. This kind of innovation may compel you to contact an interior designer for expert opinions.

Wall racks

Open shelving is not a new concept but perhaps rarely ever applied in offices. The potential that open shelves hide is that they can be put up anywhere, to display anything, adjusted to size and space, and still look modern. They are basically extra storage structures without the bells and whistles of wooden furniture.

Collaborative Furniture

This includes everything from open-air seating areas, break-out rooms or centralized equipment storage facilities. Such places can be used for formal meetings as well as informal chats. Collaborative furniture is a unique thoughtful kind of furniture that is highly flexible and transforms according to the hour’s need. It also encourages employees to interact with each other.

Designing office furniture and interiors is a task best assigned to a professional with plenty of experience and insight. Wood Works Club is one such collection of driven individuals serving both commercial and residential spaces with interior design services. Visit their website www.woodworksclub.in for more details or to book a free consultation.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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  1. You gathered all the resources and summed up here! Thanks for sharing this article. It is very important to choose the furniture wisely when it comes to office as it should look appealing, stylish and comfortable for the employees to sit for hours.


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