11 Mar 2020
Hire an Interior designer: 10 Essential questions to ask them.

Hire an Interior designer: 10 Essential Questions to ask them

You have finally decided to go ahead with your house interior design plans. You have the idea ready in mind, which kind of colors to be used, and various other creative home décor ideas.

The next obvious question which comes before you are hiring a designer to carry forward your ideas.

Some things to consider before you hire an interior designer-

  • Having a rough idea of your budget
  • Setting a timeline for your project.
  • Knowing your design concept.
  • Gathering references as to how you want your space to be.

10 essential questions to ask an interior designer consultant before hiring them-

  • What design services do you offer?

Every designer offers different services, based on the expertise and the knowledge of the designer. It normally includes

  1. Design consultation charges
  2. Site assessment
  3. Color consultation
  4. Architectural Details
  5. Lightening placement
  6. Project Management
  • What is your preferred design style?

This is important to know as you are handing over the important job of creating your space. There will be some instances where the designer will try to infuse his/her personal style and so that should align with your interior home décor ideas.

  • What are your charges?

So how much direct and in the face it sounds, it is an important question to be asked. The designer’s fees can vary according to the experience he/she offers and the kind of services which are offered. Since you are investing in something so important, you have to make sure that you are paying just the right amount.

  • What is the timeline of your project completion?

No project for that matter a creative one can get completed within the said stipulated time as there are a lot of verticals to be taken care of! However, your designer should be able to give an idea or a rough timeline of the project completion. It is also important that you communicate beforehand your expected date of completion of the project.

  • Portfolio of the previous work

Any top interior designers need to have a portfolio of the previously published work as it showcases the talent and creativity level of the person which is like a mirror that proves the designer’s skills.

  • Any of the recent works which the designer has carried out.

 The Styles and tastes of the people keep on changing. What is in vogue in the market today may become null in the next 10 days. Markets are tremendously competitive and an interior designer needs to upgrade his skills with the ever-changing market patterns.

  • Are you a certified interior designer with the right training?

However cliché this question sounds, you as a client have to know the credentials of the designer you are hiring. Of course, this can also be asked while doing a light level of communication and in between conversations. It establishes a level of confidence to hire the designer for your work.

  • What is your work approach?

Designing your home space is a personal feeling and not just designing furniture. Some of the projects can also last up to a month or even more than that. A good and cordial level of communication should be established in the beginning itself for the smooth functioning of the project. Ask your designer how does he/she will communicate the changes or any kind of work issue which crops up?

  • How will you combine the client’s thinking and your thinking to create one project?

By asking this question you are testing the work patterns and design knowledge of the interior designer.  Is the designer able to adapt to the different work styles involved? Even if he/she has top credentials as a designer and has an impressive portfolio, every client is different and so are the needs.

  • What are the post-work completions services the designer offers?

The designer has completed the work on time which is simply a commendable job! But there are some post-work services which the designer has to offer or if any kind of query crops up. So make sure that your interior designer provides these services.

With a professionally hired interior designer, your work can be a great masterpiece as any house interior design plans are extremely close to one’s heart.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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