09 Mar 2020
How much does interior design cost?

How much does Interior Design Cost?

Getting your house interior design plans conceptualized by a professional interior designer is a good thing, as the person is skillful, adept and proficient to put his/her perspective in place taking into account the important nuances and intricacies of interior designing.

However, the one obvious question which comes to your mind is how much interior design cost? If you can just type into Google it is pretty easy for you to get an average cost if not the actual design cost. But, does it suffice for the total interior design value?

The role of a professional interior designer includes creating computer renderings of the space for a better understanding of the overall design and accurate visualization, managing the contractors, networking with the furniture designers and effective purchasing and arranging the installation of the products.

Your interior design does not necessarily need to have high costs. All it needs is smart planning and accurate usage of the available means, keeping quality in mind.

We take a look-

 Interior design is made up of several important factors such as –

  • The individual needs and preferences
  • The per sq. feet
  • The percentage of the overall cost
  • The materials and the brand being used.

Also, the charges on the interior design projects vary on the scope of the entire project and the client’s needs.

There are some other factors also which need to be considered but let us look at the above-mentioned factors.

The individual needs and preferences-

It all begins with what are your tastes, preferences and what do you want your look to be? Also, it depends on whether it is a residential project, a commercial office space or a single corner. If you want your drawing room to have a rustic look, then you and the designer need to be on the same page. If you want your office interiors to have shades of white with subdued patterns, then your designer needs to work out a similar plan.

In short, having a design direction can help you tremendously.

Per Square Feet-

Based on the area of the home, or your office space, the estimate can be calculated and the designer can charge accordingly. But inclusive of certain products (flooring, ceiling, modular kitchen in terms of house interior design plans) the prices can go up. So it is a good idea to have a detailed talk with your interior designer.

Percentage of the overall cost-

The designer calculates the overall price of the project, which is inclusive of the products and the services. So based on the total cost the designer will charge some amount as the design fee. It can vary depending upon the level of design and the expertise involved.

The materials and the brand being used-

After the initial, details are worked out, the kind of design taste; the color palates and the overall look of the place next are the materials and the brands to be used. Again the cost of materials varies according to the brand used.

We at Wood Works value our client’s needs and preferences tremendously and so we suggest brand names which are just right in terms of quality, your budget preferences so that nowhere the final product is compromised in terms of a finished final commodity.

Another aspect that also needs to be taken into consideration is that interior design is not a one done process. It also includes certain other aspects such as Site visit charges, iteration charges (if any), site supervision cost and the design only cost.

At Wood Works Club we are on a sole endeavor to provide excellent interior design solutions for our esteemed clients. For we just do not create designs, but we aim to infuse personal tastes into every detailing of what we do to create aesthetically appealing masterpieces. We believe interior design is the heart and soul of any kind of space, and so innovation is our foremost element in crafting our designs whether for commercial or house interior design plans.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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