06 Jun 2019
Super Hacks for a stylish home

Make your home look stylish with these Super hacks

You read the title! Let’s dive into it right away!

  1. Fake the look of hardwood
    Hardwood floors bring warmth, elegance and flair to your living space. But they can be quite expensive and, more than that, can be really hard to clean. Great news! You can get the look without all the hassle by using peel-and-stick wood panels that look just like the real deal.
  1. Paint Swatch Wall
    Can’t pick a colour? Use them all! This technique definitely has the most beautiful end-results, if done right. First, visit a few stores and get a couple of paint palette booklets. Cut out each colour square, lay out the colour combination you’d like (eg. The classic ‘cascading bricks’ effect), then adhere each to the wall with glue. This makes for a stunning accent wall and a great conversation-starter.
  1. Wooden Bookshelves
    If you’ve got a collection, show it off! This concept might sound fairly ordinary, but shelving makes a room feel so much cozier. A small addition like this can make all the difference to your home’s overall appeal. Fill these shelves with a few of your favourite books, artisan pots and a couple of plants.
  1. Fairy Lights
    A trend that keeps popping up on Instagram in recent times is Fairy lights. These brighten up the room by adding an aesthetic and magical vibe to the overall ambience. Fairy lights are essentially miniature lights strung together and used to decorate walls, curtains, bedposts and surprisingly even as a canvas for Polaroid pictures.
  1. Wall stickers
    Easily available at local stores and really inexpensive, these bring great character and story to your monochromatic walls.  Especially trending in kid’s rooms, these stickers come in varying shapes, colours, patterns and sizes and as a bonus, also account for a fun family-bonding activity to apply them onto the wall.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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