26 Nov 2019
Secrets of 3 room interior design

Unlock the secrets to three-room interior design

In the hustle and bustle of today’s city life, having a place offering peace is hard to find. However, having an efficient three-room house in the city is equal to having a space that can be planned with décor to be this zone of tranquil. It is a place sufficient enough for the modern nuclear families to live comfortably in and is also what most families prefer.

A common mistake that people make with three-room houses is that they fill up space with unnecessary knickknacks, thus, reducing the place to move around freely. This ends up making the regular-sized rooms feel stuffy and small.

While many people feel that three-room homes are too small to actually free up space and get the most carpet area, put up décor or have it designed by a professional, implementing the right idea is sure to make any flat feel and look amazing.

Here are some ideas to design a three-room flat and make the most of all the space.

  • Stick with neutral colours on the walls

Neutral and light tones like pastels, white, beige or any other soft colours give the room an illusion of being big and also reflect light making the room seem brighter.  While dark colours like tones of greys, browns, dark blue, green, etc. look very modern and chic, it makes the room appear smaller and compact. If one wishes to bring in some bold, bright colours into space they can create an accent wall as it will bring colour to space and also make the room more centred.

  • Keep the floor clutter-free

Too many cooks spoil the broth; same with furniture. A room filled with too much furniture makes it difficult to move around and also makes the room appear cluttered and messy. One way to keep the floor clutter-free is to put up vertical furniture like almirahs and cupboards in place of a wardrobe, a horizontal shoe rack takes up more space but a vertical one does not take up much space and also has more storage. Long sofas and unnecessary side tables also make the room appear disorderly and untidy.

  • Use tall curtains

Tall curtains make the room appear taller, thus giving it a mirage of being taller and more spacious. With curtains, one can always opt for layers with one translucent light colour and the other a decorative, more opaque curtain. The lighter curtains can bring the light in while protecting from the harsh sunlight and the opaque curtains can block out the daylight all together and gives privacy. Opting for a nice coloured or patterned curtain can upgrade any room.

  • Use mount up beds for children’s room

Using mount up beds in the rooms of children frees up space for them to play and work in when the bed is not in use. The children in the house do need a place to play in and work on projects and assignments, using mount up beds ensures that when the bed is not being used it can easily fold up and give more space in the room. Instead of mount up beds, sofa cum beds also work great in the children’s room as they can easily be folded or pushed in when not in use.

These are a few ways in which one can design a three-room flat. In the ever-increasing demand for space in the city, finding a space fit for the family is a miracle in itself. Ensuring the right décor and interior design for the home ensures that one makes maximum use of the limited space without making it feel overly congested.

Use these tips and tricks and make any seemingly small place look big! Consult with woodworksclub.in for the best utilization of your space to make it truly yours!


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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