OUTDOOR FURNITURE Outdoor furniture is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminium which does not rust.

What material are outdoor furniture made of?

Most outdoor furniture design uses materials like –

Woods like teak, eucalyptus and cedar

Synthetics like plastic, ABS and synthetic resin wicker

Metals like aluminium, steel and wrought iron

Synthetic fabrics


Which is the best material to opt for?

If you want something made of wood for the warm tone to tie your modern patio in, then go for teak. If you are looking for a sleek look that accentuates clean lines like in metal furniture, then go for aluminium or stainless steel. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary with a cool, industrial feel, give cement a try. Maybe the lightweight and low-maintenance properties of synthetic resin is more your style. Or mix and match materials for a personalized, multi-textural effect.

There is no “best” outdoor furniture material for all; what really determines what’s best for you is your outdoor space and sense of style.

What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?

Typically woven in a wicker weave, synthetic resin patio furniture is stylish, low-maintenance, lightweight, and highly durable. Synthetic resin is one of the best materials for outside furniture.

Lightweight yet sturdy enough to stand up against high winds, aluminium is one of the best, most common outdoor furniture materials you can use on your patio. Aluminium is highly durable and rust-resistant, so it’s great for use around salt water, which can easily corrode and oxidize other metals. For more patio ideas and modern balcony design, contact us and our team will help you out.

What are rules in which you can style outdoor furniture?

Choose Your Focal Point Wisely

The focal point of your outdoor space will be the centre of your patio arrangement. It will be the primary gathering point in your space, and all other furniture will build around and away from it.

Symmetrical or Asymmetrical

Because of the limited outdoor space, every patio furniture you pick out must be a perfect selection that will complement the space, ambiance, and the mood you want to create for your outdoor living.

If you are aiming for a casual, lax or quirky feel for your outdoor space, then consider patio furniture that can comfortably create an asymmetrical patio arrangement. But if you prefer a more formal looking outdoor space, patio furniture that fits in a symmetrical arrangement is what you should go for.

Longest Furniture along Longest Wall

Strategic placement of your patio furniture is crucial when you are working with limited outdoor space. Our tip is always to place your most extended furniture which could be a sofa, along the longest wall and have it face your focal point. From the placement, you can now go ahead and add other pieces of furniture around it and accessorize your outdoor space.

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