TABLES From the bedroom to the living room, tables are a key piece of furniture that needs to be carefully considered to make a statement. Nowadays, a wide selection of tables that cover a range of sizes, styles, and functions are available in the market so you should have no trouble finding ones that fit your table interior design needs.

What are the different types of tables?

There are many different types of tables available which can help tie your space together. Here are a few of them to get you started – cocktail table, end table, interior office table, dining room table, square table, modern dressing table, console table, vanity table, accent table, nested table, etc.

How can I decide my table’s height?

Table heights vary from tall to very, very low (think coffee tables). Tall or counter-top tables can be used with stools or are designed to be used while standing while shorter occasional tables should match the furniture they’re paired with.

If you’re choosing an end table to sit next to your sofa, it should be at the height of your sofa’s arms, or slightly shorter. A coffee table should be the height of your sofa’s seat, but other decorative tables not near your sofa can be taller.

As a general rule of thumb, let the size of the room be your guide: taller, larger furniture should fill a taller, larger room while smaller furniture should fill a smaller room.

You should also let your own height be your guide. Just like a tall person needs a couch or easy chair he or she is comfortable on, a tall person might prefer taller furniture, while a shorter person might not like having to climb up onto a stool to sit at a counter-top kitchen table.

What are the types of materials you can use?

Wood Veneer

Hands down the most popular choice for tables today, wood veneer is an extremely thin panel of wood (usually less than 3mm thick) that has been glued onto core panels (usually another, cheaper wood or particle board). When done well with high quality veneer, you can’t even tell.


Laminate is a man-made product that looks like wood but isn’t. It’s usually made of plastic that has been printed to look like wood. It’s typically a very affordable alternative to higher-end wood tables, but laminate that’s not high end can look very cheap very quickly. It also tends to have very poor resale value and not be as high quality. That said, there was a lot of laminate used during the 60s, and some of the better-made pieces have survived to this day.


Marble is stunning! Because it hearkens back to Greek statues and Roman emperors, it’s a great choice to add drama or classic beauty to a room. It is not, however, a great choice if you need something that’s heavy duty. While marble tables come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and finished edges, it scratches and etches easily and is one of the most high-maintenance options for a table top.

Solid Wood

Solid wood is a fantastic choice if you want a table that’s durable and will stand the test of time. Usually not light, solid wood furniture can be sanded and re-stained or repainted, which adds long term value to the table you’re buying (especially if you’re someone who likes to mix things up a lot!).


Often used in industrial pieces (and sometimes modern pieces), metal can add great lines and depth of vision to your furniture, making your table a centerpiece. Unless you’re using something like copper, metal is usually very sturdy and largely impervious to damage. It is very heavy, however, so if you think you’ll be doing a lot of moving, you might want to stick to small metal accent tables.


Glass is fairly low-maintenance though it will have to be cleaned frequently to avoid smears, smudges, and other marks. It also needs to be handled carefully as it can break and since it has sharp edges, it’s not a great choice for a space that needs to accommodate children. However, it can be both traditional and modern and add a very light touch to a room. If you don’t necessarily want the table itself to be the focal point of your decor, glass is a great option!

What are the types of table shapes?

  1. Rounded TablesRounded tables are one of the best shapes to choose. Each member of the table can make direct eye contact with every other member without leaning out of his or her seat, and it’s much easier to have dynamic, exciting conversations, even with a large group of people. They’re also just pleasing to the eye, especially if your existing space has lots of hard lines (such as walls and high ceilings).Square or RectangleUndeniably the most common shape for any kind of table, you can’t go wrong with four sides and four corners! Rectangular tables are often better fits for long, narrow places and in fact, can make themselves smaller than round tables and yet still cover a lot of ground.PolygonSometimes, the more unique, the better. Tables in semi-circles, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, etc. give your space a statement piece. Though not easily available, if chosen well, these tables can be worth searching for.

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A few styles of Tables you can choose!

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