KITCHEN APPLIANCES Kitchen appliances are machines which are used in activities done in the kitchen, for example – refrigerators, kitchen chimney, microwave, dishwasher, etc. Choosing the right appliance with the right finish lends to the positively influencing the look of the kitchen. A small modular kitchen to a large one, both need to have optimized spacing for kitchen appliances.

What are the different kinds of kitchen appliances?

It is important to have your kitchen designed and organized for maximum efficiency.

There are 5 standard kitchen zones:

  • Food Storage
  • Food Preparation
  • Pots and Pans
  • Cleaning and Waste
  • China and Cutlery

When you establish where each zone will be, your bigger appliances will fall into place according to where they fit best. For example, your stove will belong in your food preparation zone.

Consider using integrated appliances in your zones. Having your appliances built in will give your space a more seamless look, and give you more counter space if your appliances are incorporated within the design. It will also let you play with more contemporary appliance ideas. For example, instead of a traditional stove, you could install a cooktop and a wall oven with surrounding cabinets.

Once you are satisfied that your zones will work, you can organize your smaller appliances based on where they would be most useful.

How to place appliances for an optimum workflow?

Using Cabinets

If you have a lot of small appliances cluttering up your countertop, look to your cabinets and drawers. You may have some room that your blender could occupy. Look for some cabinet space near your prep area with some room. It becomes simply a matter of pulling it out when you need it. Keeping it in a cabinet means it’s in reach, but won’t take up space when you aren’t using it.

With the proper organization inside your cabinets, it won’t feel like a chore to store your appliances there.

Invest in Extra Shelving

We can agree that when we renovate our kitchens, we want all the shelving we can get. The more shelves we have, the more ingredients we can stock, or the more colourful mugs we can keep.

Rolling shelves are a great option if you don’t have the available vertical space. They can be any height you need, and the best part is, you put them wherever you want.

Having a rolling shelf with solid top can give you more counter space, which you can use during meal preparation. Use it as a place to put your chopping board, and wheel it over to the stove to make transporting your ingredients as easy as pie.

Appliance Garage

Most of us think of an on-the-counter cupboard as a place to store dry goods, or to hide our junk food from family members. It’s also a great place to put appliances.

An appliance garage reduces clutter on your counter but keeps your appliances close at hand, making it easy to use them whenever you want.

Pantry Placement

If you’ve got a pantry cupboard, it doesn’t just have to hold your baking supplies. It could also be home to an appliance or two.

While you may think arranging kitchen appliances in the pantry is inconvenient, it depends on what you use them for.

Hanging Microwave

One tip to clear some counter space is to consider a hanging microwave. With the right microwave and the right installation, it can give you back some counter space, and look good too.

If you are someone who likes to cook and entertain, having a hanging microwave near your stove will help you do more without having to run all around the room.

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Induction stove
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