KITCHEN ISLANDS & TROLLEYS A freestanding piece of furniture with at least one part standing at about counter height in a kitchen can function as a kitchen island. They usually offers hidden cabinets, open shelves, or a combination of the two in addition to another work surface. From cooking prep to casual dining to storage and even adding an architectural focal point in kitchen design, these pieces do it all.

What are the types of kitchen islands?

Built-in Kitchen Island

One of the major benefits is that this piece can add a bonus dining area for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. A kitchen island also adds food preparation and storage space, but the bar feature can additionally be useful as a spot for using a laptop or as a place for children to do their homework. Another benefit of a built-in kitchen island that increases its usability is the inclusion of a sink, stovetop, or electrical outlets.

Moveable Island Cart

A movable island cart is a highly versatile piece of kitchen furniture that can be easily moved around the space or moved out entirely. If your kitchen square footage is limited, this portable option would be the best choice because it allows you to choose to have more space when entertaining, cooking, or cleaning.

How does adding a kitchen island help your workflow?

Adding an island to your kitchen can also help you achieve an optimal work triangle – the design principal that helps create an efficient layout of space.

In a work triangle, the layout of space should be no less than 3 feet between appliances, and no more than 7 feet.

Moving a sink or range to the island can help larger kitchens become more efficient by shrinking the work triangle.

An island can also help by giving additional “landing areas” near the refrigerator or stove in kitchens without a lot of counter space, which can help maximize the work triangle as well.

What to know about kitchen island materials?

The island needs to complement the rest of the kitchen design. This means that it should have the same overarching style as the kitchen cabinets. Even if you choose a different cabinet color or door style, accents, corbels, toe kicks and moldings should all match.


Kitchen Island countertops have a large variety of material options to choose from – granite, quartz, laminate, concrete, recycled glass, butcher block, marble, composite, tile, lava, resin, reclaimed wood, stainless steel countertops and more.If you bake, consider a marble topped island for kneading. Or, if you cook often, a butcher block island top may be a useful addition to the kitchen.

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