URBAN DESIGN & MASTER PLANNING Urban design is about making connections between people and places, movement and form, nature and the built fabric. They draws these and other strands together creating a vision for an area and then deploying the resources and skills needed to bring the vision to life.

Wood Works Club has years of experience in urban planning which encompasses strategically planning the placement of structures, architecture and landscaping.

We create spaces for people which connects them. Our specialized team provides master plans for projects ranging from industrial to mass housing complexes. We rely on our professional knowledge and advanced experience in the design field to walk our clients through the process of design with exceptional customer service.

WWC|Urban Design & master planning Architects in Pune

Urban designers work to create inclusive cities that protect the commons, ensure equal access to and distribution of public goods, and meet the needs of all residents, particularly women, people of color, and other marginalized populations. Through design interventions, urban designers work to revolutionize the way we conceptualize our social, political and spatial systems as strategies to produce and reproduce a more equitable and innovative future.

Planning to effectively meet the conditions and realities of a climate responsible world will require a shift in our current understanding of what constitutes good urban design and planning. Many of the practices that we now take for granted, such as planning cities around automobile transportation, and zoning for single uses, will no longer be economically, environmentally, or culturally viable.

This holds enormous potential for helping us address today’s biggest challenges: an expanding population, mass urbanization, rising inequality, and climate change. In its practice as well as its theories, urban design attempts to tackle these pressing issues. As climate change progresses, urban design can mitigate the results of flooding, temperature changes, and increasingly detrimental storm impacts through a mind-set of sustainability and resilience. In doing so, this discipline attempts to create environments that are constructed with longevity in mind. Cities today must be designed to minimize resource consumption, waste generation, and pollution while also withstanding the unknown impacts of climate change. In order to be truly resilient, our cities need to be able to not just bounce back from a catastrophic climate event, but to bounce forward to an improved state.

Justice is and will always be a key issue in urban design. As previously mentioned, past urban strategies have caused injustices within communities in capable of being remedied via simple means. As urban designers tackle the issue of justice, they often are required to look at the injustices of the past and must be careful not to overlook the nuances of race, place, and socioeconomic status in their design efforts. This includes ensuring reasonable access to basic services, transportation, and fighting against gentrification and the commodification of space for economic gain.

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