Wardrobes Wardrobe design has evolved from the traditional almirah and cupboards into modular wardrobes. Modular wardrobes offer more space, an easier way of organizing and also looks much sleeker. They can be tailor made according to your requirements and keeps the room clutter-free.

The following are different types of modular modern wardrobe designs –

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe are trending nowadays as it involves gliding the door of the wardrobe horizontally and thus saving space. It is easy to install and also provides storage flexibility as it has personalized spacious hanging rails, shelves, drawers and compartments for shoes as well. It gives the room an elegant look and glass or mirror sliding doors add more beauty to the room and give the room an extant look. You can also customize sliding doors according to your interiors and appreciate the storage space and sleekness by the sliding panels.

Hinged Wardrobe

In hinged door wardrobe, the hinged door is fixed to the wardrobe with hinges. When you pull the handles of the door, it swings wide open, providing the full view of the closet. Moreover, in a hinged wardrobe, hooks and pockets can be installed on the inside of the doors for ties, belts etc. Hinged wardrobe comes in many designs and textures. One can also take in decorative door handles to match the design of the wardrobe. Hinged wardrobes are easy to maintain as hinges can be replaced when worn out or tightened easily. Hinged wardrobes can be made at any angle so every corner can be utilized.

Sliding Folding Wardrobe

Sliding folding wardrobe door or bi-fold wardrobe door opens outwards towards the edge of the closet. These wardrobes are compact as they are suitable where space is limited. Bi-fold wardrobes can be made from a variety of materials and it also comes in distinct designs. It provides great functionality and maximizes the wardrobe space. Sliding folding wardrobe is easy to maintain and offers a present day look.

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