17 Oct 2019
5 trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Spice Up Your Kitchen with the 5 Cabinet Trends!

It is well said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. When designed well,
kitchen cabinets, which often take up a lot of space, can look like
conversation pieces and raise the appraisal value of a house. Here are five
kitchen cabinet trends we don’t want you to miss:


1. Color Tones

All-white is the classic kitchen cabinet color. It is clean, simple and elegant. But dark
tones like grey and navy blue are also becoming popular. They tend to make the
kitchen look dramatic while also giving a sleek, modern and classy outlook
especially if they have a metal finish.


2. Removing the Upper Wall Cabinets

Though the upper wall cabinets can be functional, no one wants to do a balancing act on a stool while cooking. Removing these cabinets can make the kitchen look larger and airy. A bold statement, the walls can be put up with open shelves, light fixtures or glossy tiles. Consult your interior designer if you want to experiment with different materials, colors and decorative items. 


3. Efficient Cabinet Systems

With Marie Kondo’s decluttering philosophy on the rise, many people, especially
those with constrained spaces, are moving towards cabinet styles that are
functional and stylish at the same time. These layouts make space for
appliances or stations that can be hidden when not needed. The countertops can
be multi-purpose and minimalist. They can also be equipped with smart
appliances that can be controlled at the click of a button.


4. Shaker Style Cabinets

The classic American cabinets never really went out of style. Part of their charm
is the clean, simple finish which is perfect for small families. The cabinets
are based on utility and minimalism. There are no fancy inlays, carvings or
veneers. They are made of hardwood and are visually pleasing.


5. Lighting up the Kitchen

Installing lights in the kitchen goes beyond just function. Lights create a warm and cozy
atmosphere to work in. Although any kind of lights can be installed over cabinet
fixtures, LEDs are the most popular with their long life, energy-saving and low
heat output. 

This was just a small guide to what is trending in the market. What you want can be minimalist, modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary or transitional. Ask such questions to decide what you want and we’ll be there to help you with our interior designing services.

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