29 Nov 2019
9 New Decor Ideas for New Year 2020

Spruce up your NYE party game with these ideas

Just raising a toast at midnight and calling it the night no longer makes the cut at New Year’s Eve parties.

With new party trends constantly coming up, in order for the party to be memorable and a standout amongst the regular, old drink and dance party, one needs to go all out. The party can be classy and elegant or boho and bold, all is good for the big bash.

Be it a small, casual party with a group of friends or a big, chic theme party with office colleagues, giving your best to the food and décor is surely necessary in order to leave a lasting impression and awe in the eyes of the guests.

Here are some décor ideas for the new year to incorporate into any party and get it from fail to fab in a jiffy.

  • Holographic balloons

Holographic balloons are all the trend today and look amazing. Putting some up against the walls makes for amazing décor as well as a great backdrop to get all those New year eve ‘grams. To add to that it is super easy and does not take much time.

  • Set up a champagne bar

What new year party does not have the champagne, right?  A new year party without champagne is bound to be a failure. Popping open those bottles and enjoying that bubbly drink is what makes up the essence of the party. Setting up a nice, glammed up champagne bar is sure to set the party going.

  • Opt for a boho glam

Want to throw the most picturesque party of all? Go for a bohemian chic look with lots of colour, pops of gold, feathers and cosy seating with a bunch of lamps or candles to give the party that warm glow.

  • Put up a photo booth

While photo booths might seem too 2018, they still are a great way to make the party fun and ensure that the guests are mingling. Plus, the guests would get a good takeaway photo from the party. This is bound to make the party stand out and be memorable.

  • Tinsel garlands

Tinsel garlands are a great way to add shimmer to any party. They are inexpensive, look great and are super easy to put up. They are also easily available and can also be very easily made at home.

  • Metallic sprayed mason jars

Mason jars sprayed with metallic colours does make an amazing vessel to hold straws and spoons or even napkins but is also a great way to glam up the party and looks amazing in the pictures. They can also be used as glasses to drink out of and can be easily DIY-ed.

  • Make maximum use of silver

Silver makes any party go from bland to festive easily. Incorporating silver brings in instant glamour to any festivity and also looks elegant. Silver can be incorporated as silver balloons, silver table cloth, silver photo booth, etc.

  • Make photo props

Photo props are easy to make and are silly. People at any party would have endless hours of fun with these props and these also are a great way to bring in fun into any party. Fake glasses, moustaches, paper neckties, bows, etc. can be made very easily at home and provides a lot of fun to the people at the party.

  • Gold and black

Gold and black is a classic combination and goes with any kind of party whatsoever. This timeless combination is very chic and always in trend. One can go a step further and turn it into a theme and ask people to dress in these colours.

So this year turn your party game up, use these décor ideas for the new year and throw a party that the world will remember for a long, long time!

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