02 Jun 2019
Make your home look elegant

Stylish Organization Tips to Make Your Home Look Elegant

Whether you want your interiors to look luxurious like a high-class hotel or just spruce up your interiors a slight bit, these tips will help. With our help, you’ll soon begin organizing and designing your home space to achieve a look that, until now, you thought only an interior designer could create.

So here are some tips and tricks to keep your homes perfectly organized and seriously stylish:

  1. Table settings
    Having your friends or neighbours over for dinner? Leave your guests impressed with your organizing capabilities and presentation skills. Spreading a clean, crisp mat, table cloth or runner over the dining table and accessorizing the table with a vase filled with fresh flowers are definite conversation starters.
  1. Less is More
    It’s all about the way you organize and present the décor you already have. The less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to mess up. Make sure that every single thing in your room is only what you love or what you need. Besides, having less things to rearrange around will open up more space for your creativity to blossom.
  1. Flower Power
    It seems like a simple tip, but don’t write it off just yet. Adding flowers and natural items such as shells, pebbles, twigs, and feathers can really add that final touch to your interior design. Try fake floral arrangements if you’re looking for a one-time investment that’ll be worthwhile.
  1. Changing Perspective
    Rearranging furniture is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get a quick new look at zero cost. Simply changing the angle of the sofas, moving the side table or getting rid of the excess furniture can give a refreshing newness to your living space? So play around until you find a pleasing arrangement that works.
  1. Changing Focus
    One of the basic ways to smarten up your living room is by emphasizing on a particular corner or an object. For example, if the television is the focal point of the room, draw attention towards it by facing the rest of the furniture in that direction or even decorating the TV cabinet with artwork and intricate embellishments.
  1. Go big or Go home
    A common mistake that people make while decorating their homes is to place too many small items in one room and end up looking like general clutter. This often results in drawing the guests’ attention away from the aesthetic appeal of the room. Instead, use larger statement furniture pieces that make an impact (while using them in moderation, of course). Have a large sofa, large ornate centre table, and a few arm chairs to bring out the best in your room.


Pratul Bajaj is a well-known interior designer in Pune. He is having huge experience in interior design. Get creative ideas for your home interior with Praul and renovate your house with expert tips.

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