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20 Mar 2020
Bungalow Interiors in Pune.

Bungalow Interiors in Pune

There is something different about a bungalow in the way in which it is designed. A bungalow interior design has a different charm and an aura in itself and should be one of the to-do lists of every interior designer. Whether it is luxury house interior bungalow design or any other moderate bungalow design, the interior designer has to […]

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18 Mar 2020
What is the difference between residential and commercial design?

What is the difference between residential and commercial design?

The spectrum of interior design involves the classification of various categories, the majority of which involves commercial interior design residential interior design. Though the meaning behind both the classifications is self-explanatory, going into more details of the same will give a clearer picture of the same. We take a look- Residential Design- Styling personal spaces: […]

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09 Mar 2020
How much does interior design cost?

How much does Interior Design Cost?

Getting your house interior design plans conceptualized by a professional interior designer is a good thing, as the person is skillful, adept and proficient to put his/her perspective in place taking into account the important nuances and intricacies of interior designing. However, the one obvious question which comes to your mind is how much interior […]

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